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Text Box: Volume 13 Issue 1

In my relationship with Polly, I initially thought that our differences were keeping us apart. Over the past year Iíve come to realize the great value in our differences (in addition to the obvious gender differences!). What we contribute to each other makes our lives much fuller and richer. Our different knowledge, strengths, feelings, insights and talents have enhanced not only our relationship but also those with our friends and family, co-workers and acquaintances.
It is well known in biology that the theory of survival of the fittest includes keeping a sufficient amount of random diversity within each species to ensure that when circumstances change a variety of adaptations are possible. Without the variety, a single environmental change could wipe out an entire species. Change demands adaptation which demands variety. Our survival depends on diversity.

So, whether it is diversity of opinions in my relationship, diversity of ethics, morals, religions, or animal species, diversity of climates or political systems, ethnic backgrounds or geographic locations it ALL contributes to survival of life. Life IS diversity, and when diversity starts dwindling (whether itís through acts of war, acts against humanity, or acts against the planet), itís all done out of the illusion that diversity is counter to life.
  So, my personal resolution for this New Year is to acknowledge and embrace that my life style is not the only life style, to become more aware of where I still demand that things should be more the same (like I want them), and less diverse. 
This coming year I want to celebrate  Polly and my differences more, enjoy more of the diversity of cultures and lands on our little planet, and value more that there is no place like home, our source of diversity: Mother Earth.   
From sunny Colorado, wishing you and your loved ones in your home, in your town, in your country, a  Happy 2008 in your own way. Long live our differences!

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