Helping others realize their vision.
"Teach only Love,
 For that is what you are."

from A Course In Miracles

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There are many stories I've told over the years, many stories that I created and many from others that I love to retell.

Each one of them has a a unique and special message for me, and quite often I come upon a situation where the story seems appropriate for the issue or situation at hand.

Holiday In Holland

This travel story was actually written by my ex-girlfriend Polyl when we went to visit my family over Christmas 2008, with her son Tony. More...

The Three Wishes

The story of a man who was granted three wishes, and the ultimate lesson he learned from them.  More...

Take Care of the EMT

What is the most important priority for an Emergency Medical Technician ? If you thought the answer was saving the patient, then read this story. An important lesson for all those who support others.  More...

The Ethics of Convenience

Why live ethically when it seems to demand a lot of awareness and work ?  More...

Stop Scratching Your Wounds

I swear to God, if you stop scratching your wounds, they will heal.  More...

Being My Loving Self

The first thing I always ask myself when I am upset or seem lost, is "Am I being my loving Self ?"  More...

Stop Feeding Your Addict

I often am around people who seemed to pull on me to give them something to make them feel better, whether it's a compliment, some reassurance or agreement. It feels as if I am being asked to feed their addictions.  More...

My friends' stories

These are tributes to some of the people I got to know, some too briefly, some over many years, all of them I call my friends.

My friend Shane

A seemingly long rental car tow turns into a 3 hour connecting conversation. 

My friend Karin

How, after her turnaround in her struggle with bipolar disorder she spent many years shining love in a small Colorado mountain town. 

My friend Kris

The ten days of Kris-mas redefined what birthdays mean to an orphan. 

My friend Raja

How a deeply men  can connect over even short amount of time when our hearts and minds are open to it. 

My dog Krishna

How a small black dog shone a bright light in many people's hearts. 

My friend Felicity

How wonderful relationships can develop volunteering for a personal development weekend course in New Zealand. 

My friend Peter

Seeing transformation in people is one thing; actually watching them change physically is even more amazing; seeing them grow and grow over the course of several years is miraculous. 


 More friends...


A little known fact about the Boulder, Colorado area is that we get an average of 300 days of sun per year, a far cry from the 300 days of cloudy overcast weather my native Holland gets !

Thought for today
Be the change you wish to see in the world.     - Gandhi

It is so easy to lament the state of our lives, the world. If only circumstances were different, then life would be perfect and we all would be happy.

But true change starts within.

Let us return the world to love, one person at a time, beginning with me.           - Marrrek

My Vision
To be a force for good,
to leave this world better than I found it,
to do all that I can,
with what I have,
in the time I have,
in the place I am.
 - Marrrek

I want to inspire and motivate others to do the same, to create heaven on earth, together.