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from A Course In Miracles

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Meyers-Brigg test | Language translation

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Free online Meyers-Briggs personality test - 2 minutes to take, a life time to fathom
  • The Meyers-Briggs personality test is used quite often by companies to gauge whether a candidate would be a good fit for a particular job, with regards to his or her personaility. A good example would be that introverts (who tend to get drained of their energy when interacting for long times with a lot of people) may not be good fits for customer-facing jobs.
  • I've taken this particular online test many times over the years and the results have been consistent. It's just 72 yes/no questions, and the result is displayed as a set of 4 letters which are abbreviations. Each letter represents your personal preference, with a strong preference indicated by a high percentage, and a weak preference by a very low or close to zero percentage. For example, my personality type is INFJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging) with a very high eprcentage in the intuitive (87+% usually). The web site has a lot of explanation what each set of four letters represents. For example, the INFJ type is also somtimes called "The Counselor".
  • Link:
Free online language translation - when your search gets you to a foreign language web page
  • There's a wealth of information on the web that's in a foreign language. Sometimes, it's also very impressive when you can write a sentence or two in a foreign language to a business contact or friend in another country. These links have online translation tools, some you just copy and paste an foreign language text to, and hit the button to translate into English, OR type in your English text then translate to another language.
  • You can also point to the URL of an entire web page and have it translated.
  • Google's search results' pages also can detect a hit is in a foregin language and usually show an option: "Translate this page to English"
  • Warning: language translation is an art and not a science that can easily be fathomed by computers. Be forewarned that the translations probably should NOT be used in formal settings, as the chances of them being accurate are remote at best. e.g. "I love the smell of the pork roast your mother made." may be translated to "I love that your mother makes a smell like a burning pig."
  • Link: - good
  • Link: - better