Helping others realize their vision.
"Teach only Love,
 For that is what you are."

from A Course In Miracles

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Clueless on health care reform

There's a LOT going on in this picture. From left to right:

1. Guy in southern rebel Union Jack T-shirt wants to "Abolish the Federal government", my guess is to re-establish the Southern Confederate government.

2. The guy next to him has figured out that if "We the people ARE the government", that we are all being targeted to be abolished (he's starting to connect the dots between his sign and the other guy's!). Hence the stare back.

3. The woman with the yellow sign "No health care reform" is either talking on her speaker cell phone or taking a picture of the photographer. Either way she seems to have a problem with ADD holding up her sign without much conviction or commitment.

4. The little girl has a sign accusing others of not reading the (health care reform) bill, while she apparently herself has not been reading her own sign too carefully (UR instead of your). OK, maybe she'd be a good poster child for the school reform protest.

5. The woman with the "TERM LIMITS NOW" seems to either be confused, or forgot to take her pills this morning, or ended up in the wrong protest, or pulled an old sign out of the closet by accident. Pretty much clueless, IMHO.

6. The guy with light yellow shirt next to her WITHOUT sign seems to be representing the silent, poster-less middle class, or maybe he's just waiting for a bus.

7. The "Health Care Reform = Drug Testing, Piss in cup first" guy I am guessing is in resentment about having failed a recent drug test himself. That also may explain why he is hiding his face behind his sign, in case the DEA ever gets hold of this picture.

8. Then there is the Hispanic looking woman up front running away from the crowd. I am guessing she either is getting tired of waiting for the bus, or is desperately trying to get out of the picture....

9. Lastly, Mr. Heretic in the middle with the only sign that makes any sense in all this "We have no idea what we're talking about!", representing the No-BS-Tell-it-like-it-is-T
ake-no-prisoners-I-don't-care-if-I-get-tarred-and-feathered position. A real truth teller, possibly a fearless More To Life student who just took the Way of a Warrior course.


My apologies if I seem to espouse a lot of judgment. In fact, I deeply (health) care for all people. It was all tongue-in-cheek fun.

Markus Pelt Marrrek


A little known fact about the Boulder, Colorado area is that we get an average of 300 days of sun per year, a far cry from the 300 days of cloudy overcast weather my native Holland gets !

Thought for today
Be the change you wish to see in the world.     - Gandhi

It is so easy to lament the state of our lives, or the world. We constantly tell ourselves: "If only circumstances were different, then life would be perfect and we all would be happy."

But true change starts within. All the great masters and teachers have taught us that throughout the ages.

Let us return the world to love, one person at a time, beginning with me.           - Marrrek

My Vision
To be a force for good,
to leave this world better than I found it,
to do all that I can,
with what I have,
in the time I have,
in the place I am.
 - Marrrek

I want to inspire and motivate others to do the same, to create heaven on earth, together.